The art of caring, the science of healing and the skills for the job of life.

GL Rehabilitation Services
2620 Waunona Way ♦ Madison WI 53713 ♦ Phone 608-212-1202 ♦ Fax 608-223-1459 ♦

We are a
therapist-owned and
managed company built
on the skills and
dedication of our

About GL

GL Rehabilitation Services contracts with
, billing Medicare, Medical Assistance,
Insurance, private pay , and Worker’s Compensation for
patient convenience.  ProviderServ is an experienced,
knowledgeable, billing service  based in
Indianapolis, Indiana.

GL Rehabilitation Services features a skillful team of
therapists dedicated to promoting optimum health, wellness,
and function, enabling individuals to return to previous work,
activities of daily living and leisure time activities. Therapists
perform evaluations and design treatment programs aimed at
maximizing functional abilities and improving quality of life. Our
skillful staff includes Doctors of Physical Therapy, Occupational
Therapists, Certified Lymphedema Therapists, & Speech and
Language Pathologists. Specialties in orthopedics, low vision,
falls & balance,  lymphedema, geriatrics, and pediatrics