The art of caring, the science of healing and the skills for the job of life.

GL Rehabilitation Services
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  • Increase strength, range of motion  and coordination through therapeutic

  • Joint and soft tissue mobilization to improve joint alignment and muscle,
    tendon and ligament function

  • Improve walking and general mobility, recommending necessary assistive
    devices such as canes and walkers

  • Improve balance and prevent falls

  • Pain assessment and management

  • Modalities such as  heat, cold and cold compression, ultrasound,
    electrotherapy, anodyne, massage

  • Training to improve heart and lung function for overall endurance

  • Home assessment, treatment, and exercise programs

Physical Therapists and Assistants with Associate, Bachelors,
Masters and Doctorate degrees including specialties in  
orthopedics, neuromuscular, and cardiopumonary for the
pediatric, adult, and senior population.
Physical therapists teach health, wellness and injury
prevention strategies through education. Physical
Therapists assess physical status and develop
treatment programs designed to: