Health Series

The art of caring, the science of healing and the skills for the job of life.

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Health Care Topics

After Joint Replacement

Balance and Falls Prevention

Benefits of Occupational,
Physical & Speech Therapy

Living with Osteoporosis

Home Safety Assessment

Peripheral Neuropathy

Living With Swallowing Difficulties

Assistive Devices, Splints, Prosthetics & Orthotic

Adaptation, Compensatory Techniques, & Work Simplification

My Feet Hurt

Normal Aging, Is There Such a Thing?

Pain, GO Away!

Senior Wellness & Fitness

The Medicare, Insurance, & HMO Maze

Living With Vision & Hearing Impairments


Cognitive Assessment & Intervention

Body Mechanics & Safe Lifting

Be Good to Your Back
offers a menu of
invaluable health care
topics. Knowledgeable
GL therapists present
inservices providing
information about
various health care
topics, wellness, and
prevention at no charge
to local community
groups, charitable
organizations, and
senior living
communities. Call now to
schedule a speaker for
your next special event
or meeting.