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                         What is Lymphedema?

The most common cause of lymphedema in the United States is secondary lymphedema caused by
cancer related surgery or radiation. There are other causes of edema in the legs such as venous
insufficiency, diabetes, cardiac problems, deep vein thrombosis, wounds, or orthopedic injuries.
Primary lymphedema is a result of a congenital defect. Untreated, lymphedema can result in loss of
mobility, decreased range of motion, weakness and tissue breakdown, all of which will limit a person’
s activities of daily living (ADLs). While there is no cure, early intervention with a comprehensive
lymphedema treatment program can reverse the swelling process and enable a patient to self-
manage.program can reverse the swelling process and enable a patient to self-manage.program can
reverse the swelling process and enable a patient to self-manage.

Our skilled therapist will help lead you through the treatment process.  There are five areas treatment is
Evaluation by a certified lymphedema therapist.

2.        Manual Lymphatic Treatment (MLT):  A gentle scientific massage directing lymph fluid through nodes  
and out of the body.  The goal is to reeducate the body and create new pathways for fluid to be excreted from
the body.

Specialized Compression Bandaging: Our skill therapists will determine the most appropriate
bandaging system for you.  We use a low-stretch bandages that provide a graded compression, which takes
the place of our hands once you leave.

        Education: At GL Rehabilitation Services we strive to keep our clients in the know. Prormas include.   
Home Exercise Programs and Instruction in self-care for lymphedema
Body Movements: Simplistic movements are used throughout treatment sessions and are built into home
exercise programs to increase the flow of fluid out of the body.

  Measurement and Fitting o fCompression Garments: Garments worn to maintain maximum gains
achieved in therapy.