The art of caring, the science of healing and the skills for the job of life.

GL Rehabilitation Services
2620 Waunona Way ♦ Madison WI 53713 ♦ Phone 608-212-1202 ♦ Fax 608-223-1459 ♦

  • Providing adaptive equipment & teaching compensatory techniques

  • Improving joint mobility, muscle strength & coordination with emphasis on
    upper extremities

  • Home Assessment and Safety Evaluation

  • Treatment of Lymphedema by Certified Lymphedema Therapists

  • Recommending splints & prosthesis to stabilize joints, reduce pain & prevent

  • Improving endurance through energy conservation & work simplification

  • Increase strength & range of motion needed for specific upper extremity
    functional activities  

Occupational Therapists focus on restoring physical
and cognitive capabilities needed to perform
activities of daily living, work tasks, and leisure time.

Occupational Therapists assess personal self-care
abilities and provide individualized treatment programs
designed to maximize independence by:
Our highly trained occupational therapy staff consists of
degrees including specialties in  physical disabilities, cognition, low vision
and lymphedema for the pediatrics, adult, and senior population.